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Creating an Account:

To use certificate and exam services, create an account by filling the form. Choose the programme you request a certificate by entering the system.

Certificate Exam Application:

Make an application for the exam you need to take depending on success criteria of the programme you chose. Please make payment for certificate or the exam. Take your exams according to your appointments.

Access to Certificates:

Your certificate will be automatically formed according to your success and it will be sent. You can access to your certificate in the section “My Certificates” in your account. When success criteria are fulfilled, you can make an appointment again if you have a right to retake the exam depending on the conditions of programme. Depending on your success, your certificate will be delivered to the address in your account with the bill, by cargo.

Cost of Exam:

Exam cost for Foundation Courses (UFND) is 150 TL. It contains exam organization, certificate, cargo and taxes.

Account Information for Exam Cost:

Yaşar University
Garanti Bank. / İzmir Ticari şube
IBAN NO: TR36 0006 2000 1000 0006 2963 28
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