Certificate and Exam Services

Certificate is the document showing one’s qualification in a field requiring information. Yasar University provides exam services to document individuals’ personal or professional acquisitions, certify the educations that he/she participated and prove the success of these educations.

Yasar University prepares certificates with the purpose of assessment and evaluation in a field in line with the educations prepared according to a definite syllabus, the activities organized and requests made. To get a certificate in a definite field, it is required to participate in educations related or to achieve in exams determined. Certificates are prepared according to participant’s name and they are approved and numbered unique. Certificates you got from system are certificates of our institution. Certificate services provided online via http://sertifika.yasar.edu.tr/. You can manage certificate applications, exam appointments, your certificates and approvals via this system.

Certificates given by Yasar University are set personally and specifically to the subject. They also got numbered and recorded. You can reach your certificates by your account every time you want. People or institutions with whom you share your certificate can affirm via Yasar University by using the code or label on certificate.

Certificates Provided by Yasar University

Certificate is the document showing that a person took personal or professional development education in related field or that he/she has quality in that specific field. As Certificate of Participation and Certificate Of Achievement, two different certificates are provided by Yasar University.

Certificate of Participation:

It is a document that provides specialization for individuals have information in a specific field. It provides information about implementations in business life and it shows that the participant took personal/professional development education in related field by participating in personal or professional development educations. It is given to individuals who participate in activities organized by Yasar University.

Certificate of Achievement:

It is a document regulated under the condition of achieving in the exams determined. Certificate programmes provided by Yasar University prepares certificates of achievement in the fields of open courses regulated according to a syllabus within life long learning and in subjects that arise in line with request of which assessment and evaluation carried out by us.